Well back to the topic there are a few up and coming publishers that are worth looking into.

Dreamcatcher: They created 'The Adventure Company' for there adventure game line and are using this label for Action and RPG's

GOT Game: Have some decent game but I've only seen them in the bargain bin arena.

Microids: Lately they have put out some decent titles, (Warrior Kings) though I think they are now a branch of Dreamcatcher since the last few games they put out in Canada are the same as Adventure Company (Syberia, Post Mortom)

All the others I can think of have been bought or have closed.

Zagreus sits inside your head Zagreus lives among the dead Zagreus sees you in your bed and eats you when you're sleeping Zagreus at the end of days Zagreus lies all other ways Zagreus comes when times a maze and all of history is weeping