I apologize, I was trying to see if I had done something wrong, I fully understand the risks of modding an early access game. I was asking to see if perhaps I had done something wrong file wise, as I had read where others had been able to mod and do multiplayer, but no matter what mod, or how many, I can't get it to work.

I have tried nearly every mod on the nexus to see if it was just one, from adding new customization options, to adding spells, or even adding more levels and feats, and one mod that changes how often you get magic weapons, but no matter what, no one can connect.

I even sent my friends the exact files and changes I had through email and discord, but they show up in the player box for a second, then get kicked to the main menu. It says session timed out for them, for me I just see them pop up and out. My best friend said the error message he got was something like:

"Mod 'Gustav' and/or it's dependencies don't match the servers. This can be caused by corrupt files or some files have been changed."

So, we uninstalled all mods by deleting all the files, and then try to reconnect, and simply can't do so, so we have to delete every file in the game folder on steam, and reinstall, then make new profiles, and then connect again, and it works somehow. It's very confusing, so I was trying to see if I had misunderstood the issue, or if i had installed wrong, I apologize if I sounded flippant or unappreciative of the help, I've been stuck at my job all day til just now and am able to answer more.

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