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I fee like, its an, if you don't like it, don't do it problem?
there's nothing in the game that makes you do it, and penalising people doing it, because YOU dont want to do it, like, just don't do it.
If other people do, no skin off your nose.

Failing skill checks if just part of DnD-genre games too. Not poor balancing, poor balancing would be if they were all easy to pass as then that's just removing a game mechanic
Or you implement dialogue ability/skill checks without the random element like BG1/2 did (though they didn't have nearly as many of them)...

can you imagine having an npc in a table top game keeping some fairly mundane secret about their past that explains their motivations and having it hidden behind 5 different difficult dice checks? At some point (after the first roll for me) the group would just say "fuck it, let's just move on". While dice are an integral part of the D&D experience, having fun while role playing is what I do it for. Failing dice checks over and over again and getting snarky remarks from npcs because of it isn't my idea of fun lol

Well it is mine, the skill checks, the amount of it, and how integrated they are into this game is to me, one of the most fun and interesting aspects of this game and where the fun of it comes from.