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I feel the forum is the most negative of all places I've seen the game discussed. To the point that some positive things, can't be discussed here for fear of provoking the discourse and standard arguments.

I find that article kind of, empty in that it hardly says anything at all. Nothing really in it to agree or disagree with. There is a game, its reception is mostly positive but people disagree about stuff.

Definitely agree. Although it is interesting to see the different demographics of people /interested/ in the game, even if they don't seem to like it's current state. I'm fascinated by the majority of people here versus the steam/GoG forums and versus the subreddit.

I also figured the article was going off of Steam reviews only, since they mentioned them.

As with all things on the internet, the consensus will always be a silent majority. For example, Gale and Shadowheart being the most romanced companions is only surprising if all you hear is that all the characters are too evil/unpleasant, or that people have trouble even getting the romances at all, or only hearing people's love of Astarion. Larian really is the only people who know what the real consensus is because they have access to all the raw data of player choices. This all reminds me though to leave a review on steam.