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It's a feedback forum about an alpha build that's, by definition, two steps away from being brokenly unplayable in its current iteration. Frankly i hope Larian's looking here, even if some may things may be considered 'toxic', rather than at the circlejerk that is reddit. I mean, in the forums the most discussed topics are gameplay and mechanics, in reddit they are Astarion and goblin romance.
Agreed, I guess that's what upvoting/likes does to discussion.

I also wonder how much useful is the actual feedback functionality (for things that are _actually_ broken). I have reported some of bugs that way (preP2, I think, not sure), but none got fixed yet. Then again, Ranger's Two-Weapon Fighting Style bug has been there since the very beginning of EA, has been reported probably everywhere and still not fixed, I guess priorities are a bit different now...

I was thinking about creating/hosting a community issue tracker... smile