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I don't think the forum is toxic. There are just more people here focused on a strict interpretation of the rules. I favor a more flexible approach, for example, some artistic license in character design or modifying the rules a bit to fit a video game.

Reddit is definitely more lighthearted. Today's top post is Updated Astarion model after Larian confirmed he's 5'9" on their Twitter. Poor Astarion, so short! laugh

Toxic. The word is so over used these days. Not picking on you. Just stating an observation.

I think most people, even diehard 5e people like myself understand some changes to rules need to be made as it translates to video games. But what Larian did is a travesty. So I’m here in hopes they change things.

And since Asterion is an elf, he’s not short. He’s actually slightly above average height. smile