Some of the discourse does slant more on the negative to abrasive side. But it's a legacy sequel and people are passionate about the game being good. All things considered, the forums have been fairly civil.

I do admit I've been spending more time on the reddit lately, though. It's a lot of fun and negativity tends to wear on my mental health after a while, haha. Plus there's some gorgeous art over there. The tarot series on the companions was especially breathtaking.

Reddit is definitely more lighthearted. Today's top post is Updated Astarion model after Larian confirmed he's 5'9" on their Twitter. Poor Astarion, so short!

This is so funny to me. I would never consider 5'9 short. I'm like 5'4 lmao.

“But his mind saw nothing of all this. His mind was engaged in a warfare of the gods. His mind paced outwards over no-man's-land, over the fields of the slain, paced to the rhythm of the blood's red bugles. To be alone and evil! To be a god at bay. What was more absolute?”