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I find this article a bit concerning: How Baldur's Gate 3 Early Access Is Going (According To Fans)

I don’t get that impression at all from my time in the Suggestions & Feedback forum. Maybe I’m biased but my takeaway is that most folks would like to see this game align more closely with 5E – or at least attempt to - before Larian deviates off with their homebrew innovations.

You have to remember that the impressions and feedback on these forums are just the tiniest snapshot of the overall picture. This is just a tiny vocal minority and a grand majority of any game's fanbase won't be found toiling about on its forums, as indicated by the general inactivity from all but a handful of dedicated people. Whatever enthusiasm or hate you see for the game here are extremes that barely show up as a blip on the radar when taking all of the overall player impressions into account.

The game doesn't particularly feel like a Baldur's Gate game, but it doesn't feel like another entry in the Divinity world either. It's this weird homebrew amalgamation that tries to do too much, does none of it particularly well, but also doesn't exactly fail miserably either. After spending some time with the game, I regret buying into EA, and I wish that I could get a refund for it. I'd rather play something that's more purely D&D, or something that's more purely Divinity, and this game hasn't scratched either of those itches for me.

A refund is unfortunately impossible at this point since I doubt that anyone would go out of the way and make an exception to grant one with the amount of time I've invested into it, so I'll just take this as money lost and a lesson learned to avoid the early access process entirely like I had been for years up until this point. I'll keep an eye out on Larian products that are specific to the world of Rivellon and disregard everything else that gets shoved out the door.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.