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And there have been trials for less than that... But I am confident they don't want that. I think there is still hope, and that we have to keep insisting and reporting our feedbacks.
I think it all depends on how they will treat us with Patch 4. For the moment, we are a lot of people here pointing at their lack of communication. So if they choose to ignore our feedbacks about D&D on top of that in Patch 4, more than 4 months after launch, well, I think it will mean they do not care at all, and it might trigger anger. But if they show some respect for us and D&D in this patch, well, it will be a very good indicator regarding the final release and our upcoming adventures with Larian.
Fingers crossed for patch 4.

Let's hope so. We even have a very good example of "trials for less" with Cyberpunk2077 and the hate train it caused (which did get blown out of proportions due to people hyping themselves up and imagening features that would make it in without these features being announced, but still).

So far what I have seen, BG3 is popular for many people still because it is flashy and because of all the romances. Not really that it is a good fit within the Baldur's Gate saga, or because it is a good 5e DnD to CRPG translation.