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I was on the Thiefling side and killed her...

I have nothing against her looks and she looks attractive enough for me to consider sex with her.

In addition I am so pissed of on some women now (I am man) that I feel like to be Evil in real life:

Well I have decided to go to gym tomorrow and train martial arts... I feel like I would like to use VIOLENCE in real life I am so pissed of one woman and no I will not tell what śhe did! Anyway that story would be anyway offtopic so let be.

In the past (it easier to get medals pre 18 age becaus if adults not allowed there are likely not black belts).... I was in Tae Kwon Do tournament with 16 participiants in my weight class as I was 17 years old (adults not allowed) and I got Silver medal!

In the gym sometimes when there is group training Bodycombat (that means you simple kick and hit in the air martial arts moves)...sometimes people have become afraid of my martial arts moves (despite me not hitting them but near them) (but you can also train contact on real boxing bag outside of that Bodycombat group training room.)... Tomorrow I need to get rid of this extra agression in the gym...

Finally on topic If I would have chosen the other side... not the Thieflings side as I did then of course I would like to have sex with Minthara.

I would ask you to refrain from such conversations in this topic, here we are talking only about Minthara and Baldurs Gate 3.

Real life violence is bad
My answer to that in the spoiler offtopic:

A. I do not have a criminal record.
B. Well not bad violence if defending from a bully in my opinion or attacked. In addition sports MMA fighting, martial arts I am for it. Bodycombat in the gym is sports.
C. Defending one self is ok in my book as long as it does not go over the top.
D. Avoiding real fights outside of sports is better then C option of course if you can settle it diplomatically the better.
E. If I go on vacation my plan is not to start a fight even though accidentally a drunk could bump into me. Well then my first reaction is not to start a fight even though it can be annoying.

I know the modern USA culture never fight instead lets sue which I find annoying many times the only ones winning on that if unclear who started it are the lawyerrs that get paid. Yet USA have their lame shit organization ANTIFA that does mayhem every ANTIFA member is a criminal.
F. If 2 people voluntary both fight each other then well...

I am not talking I support bully way oh there is that weak person lets...
Minthara is the ultimate evil basically you choose the Goblin side in BG3.

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