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Terminator: why are you posting your real life stuff in every thread? As was said, this is a thread about a fictional character in a video game, real life problems with women and your criminal record have nothing to do with it.

As for the topic: if they make Minthara an optional companion, I really hope, there will be another way to get her to join the party. Killing the tieflings, including children, is just too evil for me. Plus I 'm not prepared loosing Halsin as councilor and Wyll as a companion, I like them.
In the original BG games, if you had an evil party member it would decrease your reputation and good party members might end up attacking them (particularly paladins). They would often have quarrels with the group, not unlike those we see between Shadowheart (who wants to be good because she forgot who she is) and Lae'zel (who has been socialized into evil by her culture). It should be the way it is. If you want Minthara, you have to be evil. If you want Wyll and Halsin, you have to be good. You can't have two people whose interests and morals are diametrically opposed in the same party; it just doesn't make sense. Minthara is a cleric of the Absolute, and the majority of the party (except Astarion, but especially Lae'zel) hates the Mindflayers and the zealots they've created.

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