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Save Scumming is always a problem.
Loading means that the game and the player drifting apart.

Seriously ?

What if I want (sometimes) to create new rules when playing any tabletop game ?
Why shouldn't I ? Because it's not written in the book ? Because I'm not playing the game as it was created ?

Who care except me ? (and those playing with me)

And who cares if I'm cheating when playing a gamebook with my fingers to remember where I was before I die ?

This is the same with video game.

As soon as it doesn't affect ANYONE except the player that CHOOSE to savescum... Why should it be a problem ? Because a few players can't control themselves ?

I'm still waiting the good arguments... At the moment it looks like savescum is not really a problem except in a few heads.

Its not a question when you active cheat or make a Savegame for a another Storyline.
Save Scumming is a problem when the player expection and the game drift apart and the player feels betrayed.

When you find a Trader and buy a very good armor but you are killed a few minutes later.
You reload a older Savegame but now the Trader has no good Armor.
Now you Save Scumming to bring your armor back.

Or in Divinity when Traders have new Items after Level UP, no Stealing before a Level UP means the goods are forever lost.
Or Traders have the "wrong" class Books etc. ...

Save Scumming is a problem when fundamental Game elements like Items are random generated and you see no Developer intervention for a "good" and balanced experience.
Random Loot is viable for Diablo with infinity number of monsters or Roguelike Games like Risk of Raind but not a Party RPG.