I think there's a difference between accepting Save Scumming as a gameplay element and accepting it as something that's just there in the came. I mean, save-scumming is tedious and boring. So is going into the games code and figuring out secrets and hacks from there. That doesn't mean the devs should actively stop players from doing it, for no other reason than trying would be a headache and there's a decent chance that doing so could make the game as a whole worse (I think, I know nothign about coding). The point is, devs should accept that save scumming is a thing that a game with a save option will probably allow you to do, and don't obsess about finding ways to stop it, just like they shouldn't assume that that save scumming is going to be an active method that should be used.

I thinnk the Barrelmancy issue is actually slightly different because the barrels are actual gameplay elements consciously left throughout the gameworld and they're meant to be used in-game, whereas the save function is just a technical convention of these kinds of games and exist in basically all RPGs.