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The idea that a barrel of oil or water only weighs 10 lbs is absolutely absurd. They should be 70 lbs at least, and inventory should have a limited number of slots. Where are my characters getting all this room for stuff, and why doesn't it slow them down? Because it doesn't weigh what it should. I'm not asking for the devs to make this game impossible, just realistic within reason. The rules are already laid out. I want to open the floor for people to discuss what logistical improvements should be added to the game and why.

I agree. I was a bit mystified why my character could lug around 50% above their weight threshold. And honestly why do we need such large inventories?

It’s probably of little worth as a comparison but I think the inventory with a rather limited amount of slots from previous BG games made far more sense. It breaks immersion somewhat to be able to carry around several large weapons on each party member. I’d like to see a more limited inventory to force players to make a decision on what really is worth carrying around rather than this have your cake and eat it too loot smorgasbord.

I appreciate such a mechanic would probably not appeal to casual players however.