Yep, I think if they'd stated in the EA that BG3 was only loosely connected to 5E rules, people would be less bothered. I played all the content, and initially enjoyed it, but was increasingly put off by the many things that are patently not 5E and overpowered/game-balance breaking. And clearly inserted because they were 'cool'.

I can say, that if I had known - going in - that the intention was not to do actual 5E rules, but some kind of hybrid rule-set - I wouldn't have bought in at the EA stage. I would likely have bought later, when the game was cheaper (this is the most expensive EA that I have bought into), since I did enjoy DOS1/2 (but for a different experience - not as D&D game)

I accept that some things don't map well to a PC RPG game (without a DM) - but as several people have pointed out, there is another game in EA that shows it can be done for 5E.

That said, this is still EA, so maybe things will change to be more 5E-like, guess we'll see in the next update.