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[quote=Roethen]But both a drastic departure from 5E rules and a completely faithful 5E simulator aren't in the cards for this game. And there's a number of threads here that refuse to stop complaining about that. But I guess that's just par for the forum course.

The problem is that it should be close to "faithful 5E simulator", because they clearly expressed this intention/engagement, and that currently, well, it is closer to a drastic departure on many aspects, arguing that it was not possible, or not fun, whereas we know (thanks to Solasta), that it is possible, and fun.

Strong agree. After playing Solasta it is very clear to me that a mostly faithful adaptation of 5E can be fun. I do not expect Larian to make the exact same decisions as the Solasta team (differing visions are fine), but using the excuse that adhering to the 5E rules is "not fun" is not going to sit well with me.