DDO was the first MMO I played. I don't know exactly when I first joined, but I think it was right after guilds were added, and I played regularly up until mists of ravenloft was added. That went strong for a while, but then it started getting hard to fill groups so I left. I have tons of good memories of the game, and I very much enjoyed the amount of build versatility it had. The build I ended on was a charisma-based purple dragon knight paladin/monk. Charisma to hit and damage, shortswords to stay in monk stances, insane heal amp. It was a bit subpar on damage, but it was a lot of fun being practically immune to all traps in the game, having very good self-healing (consecration ftw!), oh and I had like 120 intimidate too which came in handy sometimes.

Anyway, it was definitely a good time and I would probably still be playing if there were just more players to play with. And if anyone here was on the Orien server, this is Witty. I apologize for hitting you with a pumpkin. Or skull. Or for the few unfortunates around during the artificer buff bug, both.