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It sounds like you’re saying difficult games don’t sell

This is usually indicated by sales statistics.

A new audience may not like the overly complex mechanics from old games.

When we talk about mechanics, people don't want something too complex or too original. They usually look for something like that in the characters and the plot. But about mechanics, people prefer something familiar and easier for understand this.

Larian uses usual inventory system for modern games. This is why most players don't have any questions about "why is there so much space", because it is convenient for them.

I agree that it is not unclear why the characters can get 50% more weight. But it's EA so... maybe they fix that.

Not really worried about DnD rules, it's still a video game.

This game isn’t too complex or original for actual fans of tactical RPG’s.... which is their exact audience.

Plenty of games do perfectly fine with limited inventory space. Larian is showing cowardice and utter lack of originality by sticking to the same boring script it did with DOS2.

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