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This game isn’t too complex or original for actual fans of tactical RPG’s.... which is their exact audience.

Plenty of games do perfectly fine with limited inventory space. Larian is showing cowardice and utter lack of originality by sticking to the same boring script it did with DOS2.

I've seen BG2 inventory system and believe me, I haven't seen this system anywhere else. So I can't say it's 'fine'. It wanst fine for me it was like 'WTH??'.

Even if some games have similar systems it's not same and It's still get you 'more space'. Like in Tyranny(???) there is some kind of "bank" in inventory, this just adds another button for the same large inventory, which is conventionally called "bank". Like yes inventory small and you have limits but not really cuz it's illusion and u have this special button for more space. LUL

So yes, I think weight limit works fine.

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