I don't think this needs to be heavily addressed ATM. This is largely due to the fact that currently it is early access and there are issues that comes with that. Crashes, glitches, bugs, etc... This may cause people to save-scum to get back the roll they had before the crash. (this has happened to me a few times.)

I think alternate ways to get the outcome you desire should also exist for many situations (obviously not all if you fail to convince someone not to attack you hard to find an alternate solution to a fight there.)

Certainly later in development they can look at the data and decide if things should be changed on a case by case basis.

Personally on my playthroughs I like to go with the rolls and live with the consequences however there are examples where this is not the case. (although funny, when failed, some rolls require save scumming. those would be the kind that lead to death an example would be failing to resist the Mind Flayer in the beginning...) Those could more or less be avoided if your teammates didn't just sit there and watch you die like nitwits but hey.... There are also some rolls I refuse to accept on a specific type of playthrough because screw those results. admittedly 95+% of the rolls are not like that.

On a side note, as discussed previously, some classes/races should have the ability to skip a roll altogether. Much like how a Githyanki does not need to roll a Arcana check to determine that the brain in the tutorial section is an intellect devourer, some classes should be able to skip rolls. (not that it is out yet but for example the bard should be able to skip the performance check when playing the lute for that tiefling, I mean what kinda bard can't play the lute...) =P