Early into my BG3 adventure...and with the current game state everything is up in the air about future possibilities of course...

But here in the first few levels, I'm trying to find the point for a 'knight-ranger' and not really seeing it. Your best a/c currently is going to be 17 before buffs or shield if you start with medium armor's +2 max dex bonus and Githyanki Half Plate or +1 Scale. You could end up with 16 in heavy chain mail armor, but then you're losing initiative rolls and missile fire bonuses. You'd be at 16 with light studded (+1) with a +3 dex bonus...and that bonus would be applied to initiative, bow fire and finesse weapons (as well as acrobatics, sleight of hand and stealth). A pair of +1 rapiers at level 4 sound pretty interesting going dual-wield dex route....

It would be sweet if taking knight would allow your dex bonus apply to your heavy armor a/c in some way, since proficiency in that would include training to move effectively in the heavier gear I'd imagine.

Plenty of time to try both avenues of course. Str / Con based with access to more weapons and the early heavy helmet to avoid crits, using the Knight route starting the character to get heavy armor? Or high dexterity to work for the first strike initiative roll before they're moving to damage you? Dex just seems more beneficial atm. Also fits my character concept a bunch better.

Is your concentration to maintain hunter's mark on target when getting hit based on constitution? Does the dex a/c bonus apply to all attackers against you, or only those in your field of vision?

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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