Back when they released patch 3 and there was no new content "again new content" as in nothing was added that expanded from the content we already had seen in the game they had stated that content would be coming just after the holidays in the new year. Which would indicate mid January / early February and the idea being we would be seeing teasers of this already. So far we have nothing not 1 new thing has really been added to the game since launch which is a huge disappointment from the expectations they had hinted at without out right saying it. A large number of the signs that are going out indicate like the company bit off more than they can chew and that the game may never get a full release this kind of quiet nature is the same thing a lot of companies do when the company cant deliver on promises made.

I am not one to be skeptical but I am honestly starting to wish I had not bought the early access currently. As I personally am feeling like I probably bought something that may never actually be finished. Yes they have patched content fixed bugs fixed some of the general game problems but a lot of stuff has remained unaddressed and they are not expanding on that content at all even small things. When you compare it to other games coming out / having been released which are coming out with a lot more new content and adding content a lot faster. Solesta, the new pathfinder game. Hell even ashes of creation which is 1-2 years off a live release is showing more content and information than Balders Gate 3 is currently.

The original full game release date was Sept/Oct this year. Which was an expectation they set. Which I can get behind delays stuff happens. I've seen companies be like hey sorry were running behind schedule due to unforseen circumstances. I mean hell Covid-19 is a circumstance that would support the issues. However lack of communication on that is a major fault. No road maps. 0 and i mean 0 new content. In going on 5 months.

As for liking or agreeing with my opinion on it I honestly do not care if you like it dislike it don't agree with it factually during the last patch they said we would see new content coming in the new year. Where is it? Were well past the holidays were heading into mid February without so much as a word of hey were working on showing you any new content. If a studio with 9 people can present more content than a studio with 200 and interact with there own forums more clearly a problem of some sort is present.

Road Map // New Content is needed.

and as for RagnarokCzD - As far as im concerned your just a staff member or a kiss butt praising something clearly almost everyone else posting on the entire thread disagrees with. I don't know why any of you even acknowledge him. Every comment made is just this is great we don't need any new content or anything. No normal person says that stuff unless they are 1 trolling your 2 working for the company and trying to de-escalate opinions of people.

90% of the posts think that something needs to be added.

As for making the game mirror 5E they stated out that gate it wouldn't be exact before the game was released. To defend Larion they said to expect that and like wise to defend the concept its divinity 2 original sin just remade its not. Being built on that engine its going to have some similar feels again they said that before the game was released. There are bugs still as well thats expected not every bug is going to get fixed until after the game goes live and we see 6 months or so before a dlc or something is added. Which 0 Problem paying for DLC content even. However the game does need new base content added weather it be a class or 2 or a race. Or a couple of classes / couple races. More levels to base classes additional chapters something to expand on existing content. Honestly i would expect to see them impliment the full class list and more races before adding more levels or additional chapters first and probably a couple extra npc companions as well. This is again my opinion and its based on logical reasoning of balance testing.

However they want to do it we should be at least getting teasers info on whats being worked on whats done when we can expect possibly seeing more content with specifics instead of just let down expectations with no response at all. There should be someone from the developement team at least taking an hour a day to look at and respond a little on the forums. Giving small updates like hey guys no release date yet were currently working on level 5 of the druid and making it works sorry its taking us a bit but we dont want to release a bugged patch we hope we will have it release on February 18th if things change we will put up a notice on that date. 18th hits they cant release it ... hey we have been having bugs dont want to release a game breaking addition to the game were working on it at this time we will update you more in a week we are also working on the paladin and dragonborn for the next patch coming after this but dont expect more news on this till early april. The week after they release the druid but with a delay. That is the kind of communication you would expect from the company bring a little bit of excitement express concerns that you are sorry your not meeting expectations. I can understand if there are delays problems ect. But when they dont say anything honestly my opinion is not impressed.

On a Side note if i was writing a review on the product currently I would say the game has an outstanding base structure to the game however I would not recommend getting the game at this time due to poor communication on the forums from the company and that it may be an unwise investment as due to the lack of expanded content it looks like the game may not get finished based on the lack of communication I would not recommend picking up the game at this time as you might be paying for a game that never gets fully released and once your outside your initial refund period it wont happen. So wait till the developers actually start showing more investment in the game. I was really impressed with the game at release but since release its been gradually getting more and more like why did I bother paying full price for an unfinished product. It went from a 5 star rating to a 1-2 star rating for the game. For all the reasons above.