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Yeah it’s quite possible WotC weighed up the overall benefits and judged that onboarding a greater number of new players to some version of D&D, even if it’s a looser ‘Larian’ rendition, is better than avoiding some potential confusion or backlash due to rules variation.
i really hope this isnt the wotc thought process or business strategy - idk if sales of larian's interpretation of dnd 5e via a video game medium will also lead to increased sales of wotc tabletop products. sure there may be some increased interest in wotc dnd 5e products once bg3 launches, but i just wonder if that growth wouldnt also occur naturally (and potentially at an increased rate) if larian's bg3 product more closely reflected the 5e tool/ruleset (specifically the combat/spells and rest mechanics most glaringly, imo)

still, looking forward to what the next patch/update adds to the ea experience - as an aside, i hope the next update allows us to get to lvl 5 and open up multiclassing, as i think it would add a bunch of hours of ea content