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Yeah, I've noticed some people writing "guides" on how you can "win certain fights" usually involving cheese strategies, but that's just dumb. That means the system isn't working as it should. If the combat rules and general rules were more akin to PHB, it would be far better balanced and the fights would be way more enjoyable.

After I read about Solasta in this thread I tried it. Combat is about 10 times more fun there. So I guess, the best thing I can currently say about Baldur's Gate III, is that I heard about Solasta on its message boards after I was totally frustrated with its combat.

P.S.: It is really sad since I like BG's story, the characters and also the graphics is gorgeous. But currently combat makes the game for me absolutely unplayable.

P.P.S.: And for my tastes the Solasta Encounters are too difficult, just like the ones in Baldur's Gate. But when you have a few more choices than just spamming the "correct" spell and climbing to high ground, and if you actually HIT sometimes with another spell than magic missile (or GASP even with an attack!) and when you miss you know why (it shows you what you are doing wrong, while BG just shows you some silly unexplained percentage that is actually wrong), then even that can be fun.

It does seem as if quite many feel this way about Solasta. I TRULY hope Larian takes notes!