Its funny how people mention valid complaints and feedback WHICH NATURALLY ARE NEGATIVE about the game are labeled as <toxic>...
The toxicity ironicly is opposite to that. People who smell roses 24/7 , the forums is a place to just make you feel happy and cosy making friends...everything is peachy.
This is a forum to gather feedback on a ongoing game being made, a game that is incomplete and that people already bought to test run. A game that is quite underwhelmingly carrying a BG1 and BG2 legacy on its shoulders.
This isnt tea time with grandma and I love you Larian time.

The bar of once great studios has sadly already been set VERY VERY low with Cyberpunk...Hopefully it wont get any lower.

And by the way, we are nearing the 6 month mark on this <alpha> version of the game. I am not seing major changes to anything. Little tweaks this and that, and bug yea people are worried and complaining.

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