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Now more than 60 days since the last patch.

Last patch did a lot to improve the player-character's facial expressions at various times...definitely on the right track. My ranger's expressions now are about 60% as expressive as the supporting NPCs in the party--so definitely on the right track there...;) Some work still lies ahead, of course.

Judging by the number of official patches issued in the last two months, it seems that my suggestion for smaller, regular patches no more than two weeks apart has been rejected...;)
Well with all of us providing feedback on combat, I'm sure they've had more meetings than anticipated to improve combat. We don't think about it, but our feedback can easily become meetings for Larian employees.

It's hard to push out patches at two week intervals when you're in meetings about player feedback. wink

Granted--sometimes in companies it is easy for the "meetings" to begin taking precedence over product development...that's why every company needs solid, decisive people in charge so that the developers do not lose focus on product development. It's purely a management issue. One part meeting to five parts game development is about the right ratio, imo, otherwise there's a real danger of getting bogged down in indecision and going to ever-more "meetings" to try and sort it out...;) I've seen it, actually! It's weird how "meetings" can suddenly become "work" themselves, instead holding meetings to make decisions about work--and so on.

I was actually kidding about the "two-week" patch regimen, sort of...;) Some sort of regular communication should be happening, however, as the people who have paid for EA sort of deserve it, I think. They are paying customers.

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)