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I think Larian doesn't care too much about tabletop rules because most people don't care about it. Show me 10 people who want a 5d thing in there and i'll show you 100 who want more hair options kinda thing. And both of those groups probably aren't even the majority of players.

But then again i believe quite strongly their market is Dragon Age's audience and not DND/old-school BG fans (would explain why the game has more mechanics in common with Origins than BG), so as long as they don't provide worse gameplay than Inquisition it's likely most aren't even gonna know it wasn't faithful/could have been better.
Agreed. frown Let's at least hope that there's still more people that want a good RPG (regardless of how much faithful to 5e it is) than there's waifu-seekers that want a dating sim.

I also believe that besides some people that want a faithful 5e implementation just for the sake of the game being FR/D&D/BG3, there are (or WILL be) many people like me who realize that after 20+ hours of playing, the combat just really blows and that making it more like 5e and less than DOS might be one feasible way to improve it.