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Personally I'm OK with the current implementation except for auto-reactions, which needs some thought.

I would also like to see what would happen if the ADV/DISADV system was modified so a single source did not negate ALL opposing sources. I don't mean double or triple advantage that some 5e players apparently use, but it seems that e.g. 4 x ADV against 1 x DISADV should still result in an ADV role.

Might make some of the Larian-added sources of ADV/DISADV less irksome?

Might also get me roasted by super-irate hardcore 5e players wink
I think most forum visitors are in agreement reactions can be improved.

The issue is more that advantage and disadvantage being everywhere undermines spells and abilities, that's why it's irksome. It's too easy to get advantage and you end up repeating these new best strategies over and over again. There is no incentive to deviate strategy.

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