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Yep, I think if they'd stated in the EA that BG3 was only loosely connected to 5E rules, people would be less bothered. I played all the content, and initially enjoyed it, but was increasingly put off by the many things that are patently not 5E and overpowered/game-balance breaking. And clearly inserted because they were 'cool'.
It would have been preferable if they had made that more clear. I remember reading something that said they wanted to be as close as possible to 5e, so the differences stood out to me as being wrong or needing to be fixed. There are definitely things I would prefer to be closer to 5e and some that need fixing, but I also understand that some things need a bit of modification to fit into a video game.

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Imagine if WotC gave this to Larian, whose basic opinion seems to be that many of them think that playing 5e D&D is not fun, full in the knowledge that they would completely butcher their implementation of the ruleset, because they knew the studio's history of functionally an entirely different but similar genre of game (and subsequent fan base), along with the hype legacy of Baldur's Gate would be guaranteed to bring in both large crowds of existing D&D fans, and a large audience of people from other styles who stand the chance of becoming interested in D&D as a result - and they knew that in doing this, the largest, loudest volume of player outcry would be those familiar with D&D telling all of the others that the game would be so much better and more engaging and more fun if they'd only tried to create a more faithful interpretation of the 5e ruleset... Because then at least a significant portion of that untapped legion who don't already play D&D and buy their books, would be more likely to be tempted to do so, in response to being presented with a shoddy example that was kinda fun but also meh, and being told that the actual game system is much better, by so many people.

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This would make sense. laugh

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More people care about their virtual dress up doll getting laid, than if the gameplay is good.
The scary thing is that you are probably right. frown Would rather they leave the detailed parts of this crap to modders and work on actual gameplay.

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Let's at least hope that there's still more people that want a good RPG (regardless of how much faithful to 5e it is) than there's waifu-seekers that want a dating sim.
Might want to hope that those of us that want real gameplay are the ones to be heard. For those that want the dating sim crap, it is already in game and not being taken away from you, so let the rest of us have actual gameplay. It is already bad enough that we have that stuff shoved down our throats at character creation with the "who do you dream of", which apparently means "who do you want to fuck", not who you may actually dream of.