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and when you miss you know why (it shows you what you are doing wrong, while BG just shows you some silly unexplained percentage that is actually wrong)

I think if BG3 could improve on this it would already make a huge difference. I also tried out Solasta and while i like the flow of animations and a couple other things in BG3 better, the collection of actions you can do and the way the game explains/shows what is happening in the background during combat is impressive, it makes the game more accessible and at the same time feels closer to tabletop but stays exciting (for me at least). I do think Larian is working on this, they use to iterate on the UI and mechanics a lot, im looking forward how they are going to tweak BG3 in the upcoming patches.
I really hope so. Currently I am thinking the only thing that would bring me back to BG3 is a "D&D Tabletop Rules" Checkbox, that switches off all their house rules that don't work (at least in my sometimes not so humbly opinion)

However, I have the feeling that the current approach is either a hippo (higest paid person's opinion) or rooted in some kind of hubris by the developers. There is usually absolutely no argument against that and an extremely low chance that it will change.

I really hope that my feelings are wrong.