Hey, be nice to Sadurian! Offer cookies! Apparently someone IS reading...

In my defense of originally creating this thread, at the time, I can only recall seeing one other thread at that time after having read about half way through the entirety of all threads, which was somewhere between 7 to 13 pages in I believe, although my memory isn't the most fantastic, maybe that wasn't half way. Various boards seem to have their own special preferences for starting new threads and not necro raising old threads and some want folks to search and comment on old ones. Sometimes you never know until you see others scolding for doing whatever. Sometimes I think it's quite overbearing myself but then I'm not a board mod and maybe I'd be more rigid if I was, who knows. Anyway, the other one seems pretty pooped out and argument prone so I made another. Had I known there was one preference over another perhaps I'd have only posted in the other one. I don't recall seeing any rules or suggestion stickies noting a preference to not make additional threads if something has been mentioned previously.

Apparently this one as far as I believe Tuco or someone else said on a previous page has grown to be the largest. Perhaps folks will simply continue to focus on this one, which would be nice. And I'm sure as it sounds that would make mods happy as well if it stayed that way.

Sounds like maybe no one actually gets paid to moderate this board?!? Suppose I'd have never guessed if that be the case and would surely be a shame.

I'm not sure I know of any boards that have mods actively collecting topics into relegated "bins". That is supposed to be done by the users themselves into whatever categories are available to post in.

But anyway, glad someone IS listening at least, even if they only pop up to tell you they are apparently short on time... Not that keeping up with just the BG forums isn't likely a fairly monumental task to read all of daily. I'm sure it certainly could be depending on how many people and how much time are allotted to doing so.

Maybe you need a 6 person party too?

Couldn't help it... MUCH LOVE. smile

Hope I get to play the game with my lady before I kick the bucket...