Add more monster to balance what ? At the moment the difficulty of this game is a joke... what is there to balance ?

Why would they have to add more monsters ..?
Don't you ever have encountered a solo boss harder than a group of 6 ennemies in video games ?

Just add more powerfull monsters ? Give them additionnal damages ? Improve their AI ?
Or just do nothing so the game is gonna be a normal game mode for new players (and for everyone when they'll remove/rework all their free OP cheats... free advantages, free dipping, tons of potions and scrolls,...)

If 4 is too strong... Just increase the difficulty. The difficulty is the problem, not the party size.
It's totally stupid to restrein the party size to increase the difficulty...

Don't you ever play any harder games than BG3 in which the party size is 5 or 6 ?

Reducing the party size to increase the difficulty is something players can do in any case. The party size is not what define the difficulty of a game.

It's so boring to read everywhere again and again those same unthinked arguments.
Hope Larian won't follow the opinion of those that apparently never played any other video games than this one.

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