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I don't really get why people wants 6 player party its too crowded considerin how long the combats are as they re with 4 now, u ll need to add more monsters to balance but this will mean gale will surely die in 1st round
If they can greatly speed up the combats and fix the party AI to not run around like idiots, then idc if they add more people to the party. It would be a matter of choice to use more or less. Personally I am fine with the 4 and prefer solo since I can go and do other things in rl while waiting for my turn, if there were 6 party members right now it would be even more tedious. There would be some rebalancing needed with the larger party but I am not sure adding more monsters would fix anything.

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Don't you ever play any harder games than BG3 in which the party size is 5 or 6 ?
Most games I have played have less than that and it works fine. DA series had 4 and ME series had 3 and they had different difficulty settings. Couldn't really get into the first BG games but having RTwP made it a lot better to have 6 party members. If those were TB I probably would have lasted only a few minutes trying to play with a full party. Hells, even my current DnD game has 2 players and 1 npc party member. Do you have any examples of TB games with 5 or 6? They are not what I usually play. I am curious how the combats are in them and if they go faster than here.

I would say maybe 5 people would be a fair compromise, but only if they speed up the enemy turns. Could even make party size yet another menu option, 4 as the standard and a toggle for maybe 6.