Man I miss the days *90s, when devs could do basically whatever they wanted without having so satisfy everyone's opinions on whats fun or not.

Weight limits and slots were amazing. Made you think, this was part of being an RPG game. I think its IMMENSE FUN to be limited on your inventory.
BG2 got it right. You couldn't carry 5 suits of armors with your greatsword of demon slaying, axe of bloodroar and mace of ultimate agony, and a full complement of potions and scrolls. *unless your were a buffed up str 20 plus orc barbarian destroyer!
You still had the rare bottomless bags though. A great solution to satisfy everyone.

Larians implementation of items is just silly, weird, and at worst idiotic. For ALL their games. The items UI is awfull, for ALL their games. The vendors are awfull, for ALL their games.
But people seem to like it...?!? It just does not make sense in a Baldurs gate game.

Oh and If people want convenience nevermind. This is 2021, I give point arguing.

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