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I don't really get why people wants 6 player party its too crowded considerin how long the combats are as they re with 4 now, u ll need to add more monsters to balance but this will mean gale will surely die in 1st round laugh Jokes aside its not 2nd or 3rd edition anymore you dont need a rogue for traps or lockpick, basically anyclass can handle that, pick the lock with the correct background. You just need to perception check to see traps and shoot an arrow thats it.
Perhaps because you and I play these kinds of games for very different reasons?

I don't play these games for their combat. Period. I tolerate the combat parts so that I can play the game for everything in it that is outside of combat. And the most important, interesting, and personally enjoyable parts of a game are developing and interacting with my party-members. As such, a party of six gives me significantly more pleasure from playing the game than a party of four. Yes, there is such a thing as a party that is too large to be reasonably managed. But that cutoff line is six, not four. Six is optimal, the perfect middle-point between what would be too big and what is too small.