I'm hoping for some much needed overhauls to the evil side of things. Siding with the goblins was very dissapointing. All this talk about power and authority, you get nothing worthwhile. The Questlog says "the Absolute has rewarded me with more powers" but you get nothing. I would have expected a permanent stat boost or something very unique. After all the Hag can boost your stats, the Absolute is even more powerful so it should be easy to do. The magic items carried by the goblin leaders are so much better than all the junk you get from murdering the tieflings.

Please make sure to keep the evil playthrough interesting, with interesting NPC's and not make it the "murder everyone playthrough" because thats boring. The current evil playthrough lacks incentive, there is very little reason to go for it from out PC point of view, since the goblins and the true souls never offer anything in regards to our tadpole. The evil playthrough should open up NPC's and story interactions which are otherwise impossible for a good playthrough. The evil playtrhough needs to present us with interesting characters with depth, just like a good playthrough. Look at how Knights of the Old Republic works. Depending on whether you choose the light side or the dark side, you will learn unique things about your companions and you will get to influence them and their path in unique ways. This needs to be reflected in the game aswell.

And please rework the resting system. Its in dire need of an overhaul. Short rests are obsolete, long rests are unlimited and available everywhere. The whole balance of a mess because you can always get full HP and full spell slots anywhere. The game throws way too many potions, scrolls and food at the player. And 1 candle for each character is unlimited "coat weapon in fire" which makes all the poison bottles obsolete. Remove these candles, they are overpowered.