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If they are willing to make an entire stream based on it, there have to be some meaningful changes. I wonder when exactly the patch is going to be deployed, though.

Exactly. This looks like Larian is going to use some cheesy "dramatic" presentation with Sven chained in the bowels of a carnivorous sea urchin that eats mindflayers whenever they fall into the water.....to tell us about the exciting stuff the next patch, when released, will contain!

Who needs the patch when they can stream Sven (who apparently has Hollywood aspirations) practicing his acting skills *cough*....?...;) (Scuttlebutt is that Sven has used his early Baldur's Gate 3 "movies" in a tryout for the lead role in Iron Man 7...and now he's doing another BG3 flic, he thinks will seal the deal!)

So...now, we are getting a stream in 6 days that in six days will inform us of how many days we have to wait until the next patch.

Could be they need the next six days to figure out exactly how many days it will be before patch 4 is released into the EA. Ah, precision, there's nothing like it...!...;)

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