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We don’t need to turn every fighter into Beric Dondarrion to make them viable.

Agreed. It also replaces the martial cantrips like green flame blade -- candles shouldn't compete with class features. What's the point of having a Beric Dondarrian like class if anyone with a candle can replicate the effect?
+1 lol - love these references and makes me want to roll a revenant with beric dondarrion inspiration - maybe bg3 race dlc? altho idk how larian would implement those racial features given the current ea build.

i also agree with the overall sentiment regarding dipping and to a lesser extent the number of consumables/throwables - i think there are too many/plentiful non-hp like potions/throwable items, which really is moreso a critique of the inventory clutter/loot bloat ive experienced in ea, as i do think having these potion options are important. i just wish they were a more rare and thereby increasing their overall impact upon use, but the abundance may also just be an ea feature