Most gamers today likely do not even know what Baldur's Gate even is, in terms of name recognition, I would say it ranks fairly low.

It's mistake to assume that BG only appeals to gamers.

We can see a pretty clear pattern with Beamdog and Larian -- sales dramatically exceed expectations when the D&D label is used. This is because D&D draws in people who don't identify as gamers. I'm not a gamer, I'm a casual. I have zero interest in playing Witcher or Cyberpunk. (heresy altert) But slap those two D's on a game and: < shut up and take my money meme>

Again, with Beamdog, one of big mistakes they made was only using gamers as beta testers. But the first version of the EEs didn't work on integrated graphics cards -- because what gamer in their right mind uses integrated graphics, right? They lost nearly a year of momentum and undisclosed numbers of refunds because they falsely assumed their audience was limited to the gaming community.
(not trying to bash at all, it's just missteps made on false assumptions are instructive)

Or go to comic con and look a the number of cosplayers, go to any D&D tournament and your will see Baldur's Gate references. You will find Baldur's Gate fans a comic conventions, cosplaye events and, of course at table top tournaments -- it's a Big Tent.

In contrast, the market for video games is something like 300m+ people who are actively purchasing games.

Of that number we would need to separate fans of shooters and the like from the RPG fans. I'd estimate the number of RPG gamers who had never heard of D&D at about 5 percent or so? And let's also take the growth of DnD interest into account -- compare the sales numbers by years and you will have pretty impressive stonks chart.