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This or Belle Delphine as Elf that I can fuck smile. Yes I do like Belle Delphine cool! You can use google.com and find "Belle Delphine pictures as Elf". She is like a young (18+ and she is 21 right now) Elf woman.

Uuuh... What? I guess you kinda looked like someone who would drink bathwater.

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+1. DOS2 really disrespected elves and I was disgusted with how similar they look to the ants in the movie Antz.

Actually. While I was put off by their appeareance at first, as soon as I met the first elf and I visited the elf refugee cave, I felt compelled to recreate my character as an elf. Yes, the appeareance was disgusting, yes, the cannibalism was disgusting (yet much better done than elder scrolls) but they surely succeeded at making elves feel like a race of their own. They did not feel like humans with pointy ears, and that I think is far more important than appeareance. That is one of the reasons I was thrilled of Larian taking over the development of BG3, I was looking forward to the racial nuances. Which so far, do not exist.

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