No, its only a big tent when you look at it in the context of your "world view."

We'll that's all we have, right? If you have somehow managed the trick of seeing things from the the view from nowhere then congrats, you got me beat. But I don't either of have access to purely objective pov, we're both trapped in our worldview.

As @Dexi says there was a reason so many companies for competing for the rights to the Baldur's Gate name.

If you ask people outside of those conventions if they have ever heard of BG, most of the time, the answer you will get is no.

Only from your "world view" :p I think people interested in minecraft and pokemon are pretty different from the people interested in DOS or BG. Probably some Dota overlap. Sure LOTR is the grandpa of all fantasy settings but I'm not buying that it's the one IP to rule them all, so much of Tolkien's world shows up in Faerun . . .


love these references and makes me want to roll a revenant with beric dondarrion inspiration

Nice smile If they implement it and remove dipping I will definitely run a spellblade at some point. Agreed on all issues.

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