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While it's good to hear news, I'm not going to jump onto the happily exultant band-wagon.

It's good to see news; It's LONG overdue. This patch NEEDS to bring a LOT to the table, needs to DO a lot, and needs to do it WELL, if they hope to restore even a portion of tester's confidence in their competency, and their capability of running a useful EA.

It's good to see news; how much they bring, and what they bring, will tell us how much of a start they can make on crawling out of the hole they've sunk into.

Personally I agree with this. The most important thing right now is seeing the classes added for the remaining missing classes additional races would be nice and some more story content. If nothing else an official road map would be the big thing currently lack of communication has been the biggest problem this entire time. Classes are a big missing factor however seeing all the base classes were expected early balance testing would put that personally at the top of my list and better work on animal companions. Races ect while nice for customization will be nice following release are not as big of a deal currently to see added to the game. While they do impact early play race is less impactful on content balance overall and it limits players who want a specific class like druid, barbarian or paladin from playing the game as each class attracts different players as well. Hopefully it will be a big panel.

I do not expect a big panel however as so far every addition to the game has been small and a bit disappointing. On a personal note I'm really hoping to see paladin druid and barbarian come to the game however again my expectations are very low based on the initial patches. So I have yet to have any of my check boxes ticked personally with expanding from base content half of me is expecting to hear we fleshed out some story paths and fixed more bugs further news at a later time and basically just trash my expectations all together. Where maybe some cut scenes are touched up and we get another push back on content no actual content added and it just ends up being another sad patch meeting no expectations where we do not even get so much as a road map. But then they have some pretty big feet to fill a large number of their competitors are releasing big content patch announcements the same week so maybe they are finally going to step up to the plate if not they are just going to get left in the dust. Necromunda second dlc same week and have fixed all there in game bugs, you have solasta which has been non stop bolstering content, Pathfinder which litterly has players voting for the new content to come out the day after the panel. So overall it kind of has to be impressive if they do not want to see a lot of people jump ship to other options.