Nice website. Sure, if you want to make the case that we can ask the question in ways that allows to gather data I'm fine with that. "Have you heard of the Baldur's Gate video game" is a questions that could produce data with a certain degree of objectivity. I'm just saying we are having a conversation without such data available to us so we're just imagining ways to interpret the evidence we have.

Your point is that BG is a 20 year old game / DnD is a game from the 70s and people don't know about 20 year video games much less 50 year old table top games unless you are part of niche market. I also think you are saying that because I played the original that my perspective is skewed. Am I right?

I'm saying that there are somethings before my time that have become well known. Canonical. Part of geek culture. I know about Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Metropolis, Dracula, Frankenstein, the creature from the Black Lagoon, Spaceballs and a whole list of things are that before my time because they have become part of the culture. I think as many people know about DnD as know about Star Wars. I think more people know about Baldur's Gate than know about Fallout.

And I get that's just, like, my opinion man but without data what else do we have? smile