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Specially since the game doesn't force a player to use barrels, potions, healing food, to take advantage of rest (a player finished the first chapter with a two character party, not resting at all), I find preposterous to ask for removal of things.

My issue is with the demanding attitude. "I don't like this, this annoys me, this ruins my immersion. Eliminate it", specially for stuff that doesn't require a lot of willpower (I assume that those complaining because of how easily is the game have enough willpower to avoid those things, because it would be a little strange to claim a love for difficult settings and then to lack the will to not use facilitators).

I just hope Larian is trying to find the way to optimize a start menu that allows players to personalize the difficulty of the game, a menu with options to switch off things like the rest and fast travel, to lower the number of barrels, potions, scrolls, and so on.

Choice, not elimination.

I can agree with this. A mode that removes all the inane bloat of items, potions, barrels, rests pulling you out of a location all the way back to camp with no risk, teleporting around the map, that implements the 5e rules, that turns off the ability to eat a side of pork while dodging the sword swinging at your head...yeah.

A mode that gets rid of all that would be fantastic. Call it 'D&D Mode'.