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Panel from Hell 2 will also unveil the ways Larian is meeting the challenge of BG3, along with a peek at newly improved cinematics, Tieflings, spells and cows, oh my! And wrapping up the show, we'll be live streaming the latest content from Baldur's Gate 3's biggest update yet.

Going to guess the update will introduce companion options in cinematics. They talked about this a while back as something they were working on I'm pretty sure.

Cow part is probably some number break down related to the cows already in the game.

But Tieflings and spells...donno.

We'll probably get to play companions' stories. "Cows" is implying wild magic to me. Tieflings have many more than the 3 bloodlines we've seen in EA so far, so they're probably adding more. Spells are probably being added, corrected and refined.

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