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And please rework the resting system. Its in dire need of an overhaul. Short rests are obsolete, long rests are unlimited and available everywhere. The whole balance of a mess because you can always get full HP and full spell slots anywhere. The game throws way too many potions, scrolls and food at the player. And 1 candle for each character is unlimited "coat weapon in fire" which makes all the poison bottles obsolete. Remove these candles, they are overpowered.

No there are not infinite rests. As per the windows that opens (I wonder if anyone has made the effort to read what that windows says) one you decide for a long rest you opt to end the day and go to sleep. So just like the D n D rules rule in a day a party has a chance for two short rests and one long rest.

What lacks is anyway to get the feeling of time. That's the problem, you can do the play through taking all the time you want and time won't pass, characters are stuck in a single moment. And giving on the childish adult me: because you don't ask for a menu that allows players to decide what they want either it is none of the thousands and thousands of lovely barrels, potions, scrolls, or none of the rest and fast travel chances, I want timed quests, both the main ones than the side ones. Its utterly immersion breaking that the world in danger can wait the main character to explore all the map, hoard all the most hidden items, save all the lads/ladies in disstress, defeat all the covens of evil, or good, and maybe also find those rare items that will made the targeted companion to fall in love.

Specially since the game doesn't force a player to use barrels, potions, healing food, to take advantage of rest (a player finished the first chapter with a two character party, not resting at all), I find preposterous to ask for removal of things.

My issue is with the demanding attitude. "I don't like this, this annoys me, this ruins my immersion. Eliminate it", specially for stuff that doesn't require a lot of willpower (I assume that those complaining because of how easily is the game have enough willpower to avoid those things, because it would be a little strange to claim a love for difficult settings and then to lack the will to not use facilitators).

I just hope Larian is trying to find the way to optimize a start menu that allows players to personalize the difficulty of the game, a menu with options to switch off things like the rest and fast travel, to lower the number of barrels, potions, scrolls, and so on.

Choice, not elimination.

Healing food detracts from immersion because there's so much of it everywhere and that's not its actual function in D&D. In the original BG games, fast travel is an option in the meta game, but it still takes in-game time (traveling from one town to another across the map might take a day and a few hours), which is something the devs could easily emulate in BG3. People asking for this game to be more core aren't making an unreasonable request.