Here's a few of my hopes and dreams going forward... No, I don't expect all this on this patch but anything towards this is great.
Let me preface this by saying I'm really enjoying the game so far and fully understand and accept that this is EA! 100% Get it! I'm happy to trudge thru any or all of the glitches, crashes, hiccups and blue screens if it helps the game along down the road. AND I'm having a great time while doing it! THANKS!

So here's my wish list:
More of all things PHB. Classes, races etc. This is news to absolutely nobody. Everybody wants this and it'll happen eventually. I'll admit I'm anxious. The more the merrier and I wouldn't mind a little more flexibility on the character creator either as far as tweaking appearance.
Fix the controller support: I know I'm in the itty bitty minority here but once in a while I'm playing on Stadia on my big TV and using a controller and that UI is seriously wonky. Plus things like "combine" just don't work at all. Overall the game plays better w/ keyboard and mouse anyway, but IF controller support is a thing it'd be nice if it worked a heck of a lot better.
Camera angles are still tough: I seem to get in a lot of fights where the top down view doesn't capture everybody on the screen and when I fire off an arrow or a spell it lands "off screen" and I am not sure the outcome. An adjustable camera angle would be kind of amazing. Like ground level - 90 degrees adjustable on the fly. Sometimes I need to lower my angle just a little bit more...
Use the dice... or lose them: I personally love the dice rolls, but I'd also like to see them in combat! Maybe not that big center screen roll that we see now, but just a little representation in the corner instead of 52%.
Perception checks: Apparently my own perception sucks (I'll confess to a low Wisdom personally) because quite frequently when somebody in my party DOES spot something I have a hell of a time figuring out exactly what it was they saw and where it is! I'd love for this to be more obvious.
Dialogues: as has been spoken on ad nauseum, it'd be wonderful if while you main is engaged in a convo, I could grab another character and cast a spell to help 'em out.

I'm sure there's a lot more but I've got this "job" I have to go focus on for a bit.
Thanks for listening