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I can agree with this. A mode that removes all the inane bloat of items, potions, barrels, rests pulling you out of a location all the way back to camp with no risk, teleporting around the map, that implements the 5e rules, that turns off the ability to eat a side of pork while dodging the sword swinging at your head...yeah.

A mode that gets rid of all that would be fantastic. Call it 'D&D Mode'.

No, I'd call it Bufotenina Mode and glad your not making the game.

Teleports (portals) actually are in Forgotten Realms, they got trashed when the spell plague hit in 4e but as far as I know they are working now. Teleporting to them from anywhere don't really know if that's a thing or not, but using them to get from one portal to another is for sure.

Isn't eating equal to a potion? Been a while pretty sure they are about the same.

Don't think you can pick up barrels anymore...I haven't really touched the latest patch though.

Item bloat will more than likely be adjusted along with weight of items and so on.

Here, you obviously don't realize this but, it is EA. Patients and Understanding would be the words of the day...

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I find it comical that someone could make such a statement with what has been presented so far.

If this current implementation is AT ALL representative of the finished product? Its not even a top 10 RPG, let alone 'best game played in my life'.

Are we even playing the same game?

It's obviously not going to be your top 10 but someone else's, possibly. What's your point here, are you trying to convince someone not to like what they enjoy? Why do you even care?

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Panel from Hell 2 will also unveil the ways Larian is meeting the challenge of BG3, along with a peek at newly improved cinematics, Tieflings, spells and cows, oh my! And wrapping up the show, we'll be live streaming the latest content from Baldur's Gate 3's biggest update yet.

Going to guess the update will introduce companion options in cinematics. They talked about this a while back as something they were working on I'm pretty sure.

Cow part is probably some number break down related to the cows already in the game.

But Tieflings and spells...donno.

We'll probably get to play companions' stories. "Cows" is implying wild magic to me. Tieflings have many more than the 3 bloodlines we've seen in EA so far, so they're probably adding more. Spells are probably being added, corrected and refined.

Ya I think I read something about Wildmagic earlier. Do you mean additional companion stories?

Didn't know about the Tiefling part, good one and the spell guess seems like a kind of common one but I would believe it.

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