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the cannibalism was disgusting (yet much better done than elder scrolls)

Lol what? Those are fighting words

In TES they're cannibals for no reason other than to try and be edgy, to have a 'twist' to the wood elf trope. They revere nature (or Y'ffre, more like) out of fear and are hypocrites about it, such as going as far to find loopholes in their treaty with the forest by hiring other races to fell their trees for them, and hating on insects for... Eating plants... They're just a meme.

At least in Divinity, their cannibalism is actually a part of who they are as a race biologically. It is a way to share memories and knowledge and keep those who passed away still within the collective mind of the community. While I don't really favour the edgy/plottwist kind of elves, and they did not write super elaborate pages of lore, I think that is much more acceptable than eating people because giggles.

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