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It's obviously not going to be your top 10 but someone else's, possibly. What's your point here, are you trying to convince someone not to like what they enjoy? Why do you even care?

Because looking at some of the comments here, the Steam reviews, I would assume bots are being used to pump this product. If people are going to declare it the most amazing experience of all time, as an EA...that just makes me wonder.

Could it be great? Absolutely. Does it do anyone favours to declare the current product the best game of all time? Come on.

I don't see bots pumping anything. I see maybe a couple of hundred people out of the thousands that purchased BG3 on early access posting opinions - some good, some bad and most mixed.

His opinion is of exactly the same value as your opinion -

And he is as welcome to applaud it as you are to run it down.

At the end of the day BG3 is a game - if it gets it right, the heavens are not going to open and the gods will not descend upon us in celebration. If it gets it wrong, the gates of hell are not going to open up on earth and swallow us all up.

Too much of what is posted here is essentially folks demanding Larian change things to suit what they insist is the only right way to do "whatever", and threatening to hold their breath until they turn blue if Larian doesn't meet their demands.

Post all the comments, suggestions and opinions you want, but stop snidely bashing someone for having a different opinion.